The external electric power transformer


La Pallice - External electric power transformer

Built by AEG in 1942, this electric power transformer is located in front of the tower of the base inside the La Pallice commercial port.

The following hardware is located in the main room :

- Two 600 KVA electric transformers - 5000V/380V,

- One spare 600 KVA electric transformers- 5000V/380V

- Seven special 248 KVA electric transformers (input power 5000 V),

- One 5000 V output line to the Demay compressor.


The main tank

La Pallice - Gasoline tank


Torpedo bunkers

La Pallice - Torpedo bunker

The torpedos were stored in "Camp Jeumont" in the storage bunkers before beeing sent to the base (pen number 5) to be embarked in the uboats.