Length 138 m
Width 120 m
Height 18,5 m
Thickness of the roof
3,5 m
Thickness of the walls
2,4 m


The pens

Of the 8 pens in K2, only 7 are for housing submarines, one is for housing the 2 transversers. The seven submarine pens have the same dimensions and facilities as those in K1 except that each has two bridge-cranes. The transverser pen is split into two sections , the upper section being 17m wide and the lower one being 13.66m wide. At 8.75m, this pen is taller than the others but the floor is 2m lower hence the roofline remains the same. This pen is 119.4m long but 11.4m is taken up with accommodation. The upper portion of the pen is also taken up with stores and accommodation.

This block is currently being used as a warehouse by the company Plastimo and has been extensively modified to make it more suitable as such.