Length 170 m
Width 135 m
Height 20 m
Thiskness of the roof
7,4 m


The pens

It is under this bunker that is the operational fleet of the Admiral Doenitz. These submarines being even more vulnerable with their ammunition, they had to be protected to the maximum. It is what did the Todt Organization by reinforcing the roofs in 2 successive roofs separated by 1 m from air being used as combustion chamber with the large bombs. A bomb of 5,5 tons fell on the block not generating any damage inside this one.

This block contains 7 cells. Those are either of the wet docks or of the dry docks. This kind of block is more traditional than the technique of the slipway evoked previously. One will meet it in all the underwater bases of the Atlantic. At the bottom of the cells are stores and workshops. Each cell is equipped with a traveling bridge.