Technical information for type VIIC

Crew 44 mens
Length 66 m
Displacement (surfaced)
769 tons
Displacement (submerged)
865 tonnes
Max. speed (surfaced)
17 knots
Max. speed (submerged)
8 knots
Range (surfaced)
8500 nm
Range (submerged)
80 nm
Max. tested depth
150 m
Torpedo tubes
5 (bow : 4, stern : 1)
Torpedoes 14
Guns 88 mm gun (1) - 20mm AA gun (from 1 to 4)



The first U-boats of the type VII were commissionned in June 1936, and variants of this model were used during from this date to 1945. No country has ever built more submarines of a single type than Germany did for the type VII U-boats. The performances of the submarine were improved with tye VIIB type. Range and maneuverability of the submarine were improved, and arrangements of torpedoes were more efficient Some minor changes made the typical VIIC the most powerful submarine of the war, if we except the XXI type. For example, the type VIIC/41 submarines dived deeper than any other operational submarine of the second world war.

Others variants of the type VII were used to lay mines (VIID) or as "milk cows" (VIIF) to provide at sea gasoline and torpedoes to other u-boats.



Two type VII u-boats back to home port.


A type VIIc u-boat(U-953) and a type IX-d2 (U-861).